Ping and Ring Filters: Let’s Shed Some Light

We often hear expressions like “filter pinging” to describe a particular snappy and percussive sound that we can obtain on our modular synthesizer. However, sometimes such sounds can imply two very different ways to achieve them. Both require a trigger impulse, but the first one uses it to generate a modulation signal, while the other…

Wiggly LFOs on the BRENSO (credit: Make Noise)

We’re using an offset to throw the yellow oscillator at sub-audio rate and use the timbre modulation section to create some weird-shaped LFOs. We further expanded it through FUMANA, USTA, and FALISTRI.

What is the best CGM configuration?

The mixer is a crucial component of a Eurorack modular synthesizer because it is where all sounds must pass to reach the outside world. It can be a bottleneck that may threaten the sound quality of everything that comes before it, and thus a thoughtful Eurorack mixer choice is essential. We designed the CGM to…

News on Sustainability, Distribution, CUNSA, and prices.

This post has four major updates: sustainable packaging, new distributor, postponed CUNSA availability, and price adjustments.

Superbooth 23: A Chronicle

This post is about our experience at Superbooth 2023. Day -2 It was the first time the whole Frap Tools team traveled to Berlin on the same day in the same car, and arranging the luggage pushed Simone's design skills to the limit. Thanks to 25 sandwiches, the 12-hour trip went smoothly, with Federico chopping…

Voltage and Current

In modular synthesizers, the common language to make your modules communicate is the voltage. This is an introduction to grasp its most relevant implication for the electronic musician.

Online Store Launch

This post is about how our online store came to life and how it will work as of October 2022. Big news: starting from tomorrow, our online store will be up and running. After many years of “we don’t sell directly,” it is a major change for us, even if it won’t change that much…

Price Increments and Online Store Opening

This blog post discusses an unavoidable price update and our forthcoming online store. The two things are linked.

Two CGM Updates: Stereo Channel and Group

In this blog post, we talk about the release of two new CGM units: the new Stereo Channel, and an updated Group. We talk about their feature and our approach towards a modern Eurorack mixer.

New Sustainable Packaging Roll-Out

We began to test a new, sustainable packaging for our modules.

Quad Stereo Channel: The Development of a Eurorack Mixer

The idea of a stereo module for the CGM family has been with Frap Tools almost since the early development stage of the channel, group, and master modules. It wasn’t until October 2019, however, that actual proof of concept appeared. Packing up We designed the CGM series to create various configurations, but we understand that…

An Update on FALISTRI

Today we’ll talk about a tiny little layout change introduced from this new batch of FALISTRI. Here’s how it looks like: If you could spot the difference, it’s a detail that comes from the BRENSO interface. What happened? To find it out, let’s take a step back. Dashed Lines We always mark the semi-normalization (i.e.,…

New LEDs!

We recently introduced a slightly different LED style with the BRENSO oscillator. Here’s how they look: This new system uses diffused LEDs, with opaque, colored lenses. We were testing different solutions to prevent future supply shortage when we found out that these different lenses had way more detail in the visual representation of voltage magnitudes.…

NAMM 2020, as Seen by Frap Tools

A trade show is usually about telling other people about your stuff: speaking of NAMM 2020, this is true only up to a certain point. We came with two big news, indeed (the BRENSO oscillator and the new Frap Audio brand), but what made this experience great is what we got, rather than what we…

A Short Recap of Our 2019 (And Some News for 2020)

2019 has been quite a lively year for us: a lot of things have happened, many others have changed, but, most importantly, everything is going to become a springboard for what will happen in 2020. We can’t wait to disclose what we are working on – but in the meantime, enjoy a short recap of…