We recently introduced a slightly different LED style with the BRENSO oscillator. Here’s how they look:

This new system uses diffused LEDs, with opaque, colored lenses.

We were testing different solutions to prevent future supply shortage when we found out that these different lenses had way more detail in the visual representation of voltage magnitudes.

Another unexpected advantage of this new solution is that it dramatically improved the viewing angle without increasing the actual brightness. The modules now are more comfortable to look at, especially in oddly-lit spaces such as live performances.

We then tried these new LEDs on our modules, and well… We enjoyed the look quite a lot!

With this solution, we improved the Frap system’s visual feedback without blasting UFO-like lights in the performer’s eyes.

Speaking of visual feedback, the diffuse lenses also make more evident when a circuit generates continuous voltages (red lens) or quantized ones (yellow lens).

The modules also look great when placed beside USTA, with its softer, diffuse LEDs!

Of course, many of us are still in love with the clear lens look. That’s how it all started, and they will always have a special place in our hearts.

Still, we’re now super satisfied with the new layout and can’t wait to show you how they look on the new modules we’ll release this year.
Because yes, soon there will be some news!