ProAudio Sum & Distribution

333 / derived from triple three inputs to three outputs.

Key Features

  • perfectly sum up to 3 audio, CV or quantized voltages per stage
  • 3 independently buffered outputs per stage
  • attenuate 6dB or 50% the sum of each stage
  • analog design

Size 6HP

Depth 38mm

Power Requirements

  • 48 mA +12V idle
  • 48 mA -12V idle

Maximum drawing measured with heavy driven output onto low impedance load

MSRP 99,00 EUR / USD

Manual see MANUALONE

The 333 is a summing and distribution module for eurorack modular systems.

It is composed of three identical sections, the red, yellow and green, each of those featuring a three inputs summing amplifier with three independently buffered outputs.

Derived directly from the CGM creative mixer series, the sum section is DC coupled, allowing the sum of control voltages as well as audio signals.

With an extremely low tolerance in both sum and output sections, it is suitable also for summing quantized voltages like the ones coming out from the quantized outputs of the SAPEL.

In case CVs or audio signals are particularly hot, the 6dB attenuator might be helpful to reduce exactly by 50% the incoming signals.

Red and yellow output are also normalled to the 1st jack socket of the yellow and green input: in this way this module can also work as a 1 to 9 buffered multiple.

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