This is a collection of creative patches which is less focused on demonstrating individual features or techniques and more on creative explorations of new sonic landscapes, without disregarding external devices, effects, and unconventional patching. An introduction explains the reasons behind any “idea”, and a video contains a short “performance” in order to inspire new thoughts to the musician.

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Fake Formant Patch

IDEA A formant filter usually has three resonant bandpass filters with adjustable frequencies. FUMANA does not resonate and its filters have fixed frequencies. But it doesn’t know! Let’s try to see where we can push it. INGREDIENTS FALISTRI FUMANA BRENSO CGM

Live Patching: USTA and FALISTRI

IDEA Today we'll create a patch from scratch according to these three Techniques picked at random: 1. Octave Blends; 2. USTA Polymeter 1; 3. Fake Analog AND. INGREDIENTS USTA FALISTRI FUMANA BRENSO CGM SAPÈL

Study for BRENSO and FALISTRI #1

IDEA During one of our last Workshops, a participant asked for a patch with a deep interconnection of BRENSO and FALISTRI. This is what we came up with during a free, interactive improvisation! We chose to split in half BRENSO and FALISTRI and use their yellow sections as oscillators and their green sections as LFO.…

Fumana Feedback Fest

IDEA A feedback loop is something beautiful and dangerous. It is a delicate ecosystem that is always on the verge of collapse. Once we can keep it balanced, it becomes an excellent tool for making music. Fumana is a non-resonant filterbank. However, we can create a feedback loop with a couple of extra modules and…

FUMANA Vocoding

IDEA The sixteen filters of FUMANA are well laid out on the front panel. What may not be obvious at first glance, however, is that sixteen more filters are laying under the hood, right at the heart of the module. These other filters do not output any sound. Instead, their job is to process another…

Interacting Oscillators

IDEA There are many ways in which a musician can combine two audio sources to get new sounds that are widely different than the original ones. FALISTRI wasn’t born as an oscillator; nonetheless, it allows this kind of experiment, and much more. In this patch, we cross-modulate the two generators to achieve rich timbres that…

Glass Columns

IDEA Having narrow boundaries often fosters creativity. FALISTRI’s sonic pallette may sound quite limited at first sight, but the raw material can give birth to a lot of unexpected sounds through some tight cross-patching. In this Idea, we’ll use amplitude modulation (through the four-quadrant multiplier) and sub-octave generation (through the frequency divider) to feed FUMANA…

Wobble Bass Effect

IDEA ‘Why two gates per track?’ We’ve been asked this question quite often, and here’s one of the possible answers! In this patch, Gate A is in ‘Blue’ mode and trigs the main VCA envelope. Gate B, on the other hand, is in ‘Green’ mode, and, through its ratchets, it trigs a second envelope, which…

Industrial Noise and Massive Rhythms

IDEA This industrial groove is created with distorted sounds, metallic noises and massive rhythms coming from the interactions of two Falistri. A cycling envelope is gated by its own division by 16 and then controls the (only) oscillator’s amplitude: for this purpose, both four-quadrant multipliers are used in series as VCA. The main voice is…

Arpeggios Without Arpeggiator

IDEA One of the best ways to foster creativity is to constrain yourself into a small environment and try to get the most out of it: in this case, we show you how to get arpeggios without having an arpeggiator. We used just two FALISTRI and we took advantage of the selectable behavior of the…

Spectral Transfer with Interferences

IDEA Sometimes it is nice to have control over your sound; some others, it is better to just let the instrument follow its own path. In this patch, we wanted to do both. We set up a simple FM drone sound with FALISTRI and we filtered it with the extremely precise filter array of FUMANA.…