This module is now discontinued.

It is replaced by Masterone


43 mm deep

62 mA +12V   –   44 mA -12V


The Master module is the last step in a CGM setup, and its main purpose is delivering the audio of the Eurorack system to the outside world.

It consists of three sections: the amplitude control (white), the Headphones/PFL section (blue), and the Auxiliary input (purple).

3.5 mm TRS Pseudo-Balanced Stereo Outputs

Connect two 3.5 mm TS cables to use the outputs as standard unbalanced stereo outputs. If your destination is a balanced system, you can connect two TRS cables and take advantage of the pseudo-balancing, where the ground is connected to both the ring and the sleeve.

Stereo Headphone Output with Pre-Fader Listening

A dedicated fader allows you to monitor the headphones output separately from the master fader. In addition, a crossfader blends the master sum with the PFL section, where you can hear the channels and group set to pre-fader listening.

Auxiliary 3.5 mm Stereo Input

If you need to patch an additional stereo source to your CGM, the auxiliary input has you covered. It features a volume knob and a PFL switch that allows you to pre-listen to its input.

Connecting Master and Groups

See the Link System section.

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