the Modular-Modular case

plus / plus / [from latin plūs, comparative form of multus, ‘a lot’] – ‘a greater amount of number’, ‘more’, used both substantively and adverbially.

Size each PLUS module is 42HP

Max Depth Available 43mm

Power compatible with any power module up to 43 mm deep, and of course compatible with SILTA


  • Single Module – 69,90 EUR / USD
  • Row Extension Pack – 249,90 EUR / USD
  • Wood Sides – 39,90 EUR / USD

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Modular – Modular

PLUS is a modular-modular case for eurorack system. We say two times modular cause it truly is a modular solution for modular synthesizers.

In fact, it is designed to be extended in both directions, as rows lengths, as well as in number of rows. This is done keeping the construction rock solid, and the assemble/extension very easy and fast.

Of course, all this is done maintaining a pure and pristine shape, without any screw or mechanical part visible.

On the example Single Modules are noted as “A”, Row Extension Modules, the windowed one, are noted as “B”, while wood sides are notes as “C”.

PLUS Module

1 pc x 42HP

A single PLUS module perfect to begin, and to fill small gaps in your PLUS based setup.

Includes a single PLUS modules, sliding nuts and the necessary screws, nuts, washers and pins to allow a connection with another PLUS module.

PLUS Row Extension Pack

4 pcs x 42HP – “windowed”

Four slotted PLUS modules, designed to increase the rows of your PLUS based setup. Each piece has a slot on one side to let the power distribution pass through the rows.

Includes a 4 PLUS slotted modules, sliding nuts and the necessary screws, nuts, washers and pins to allow a connection within them.

PLUS Wood Sides Combo Pack

2 pcs in Black Limba

A couple of Black Limba wood sides, designed to close and match the sides of your PLUS based setup. And look even better side by side!

This pack includes 2 Black Limba woods side and connection screw to the PLUS system, as well as a wrench and an hex key to ease the screwing.

Comes as light, spotted or dark.


You can start with just 1 module, then, as soon as you need space you can extend it to 2, then 3 then… who knows?

The unique dimension of 42HP lets you always get a compact and balanced case, as you can see in the examples.


PLUS is designed to avoid any waste of parts. The “ok I’ll get this and sell the other ’cause i don’t need it anymore” becomes an old approach with PLUS. You just let it grow basing on your needs. Every part will always be compatible with your others.

Elegant and Massive

As we are used to do at Frap Tools, we put a lot of attention to optimize the functionality and the aesthetics of our products.

Even in PLUS, no screws or mechanical parts are visible anywhere.

The single body extruded aluminum profile hosts modules up to 43 mm of depth and guarantee a fantastic mechanical stability, piece after piece.

Systems Based on PLUS SHUTTLE

PLUS became a cradle for Shuttle: an 84HP performance instrument with custom made side aluminum panels.
The PLUS used in the SHUTTLE comes with handmade golden silkscreen that immediately reminds style.

check out

Birdkids TheBateleur 42HP System

photo by Bengt Stiller

Manufactured, hand-assembled and calibrated to the highest quality specifications, birdkids’ TheBateleur 42HP SYSTEM is the culmination of years of research – resulting in the most organic symbiosis between sound, functionality, intuitive operation and ergonomic-design.

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FrapTools 411s & 510s

photo by Gabriele Lei (

Both CGM systems 411s and 510s are based on PLUS and SILTA.