Our workshops are free, unrecorded, interactive live sessions in which we’ll study our modules together.

It is an inclusive space where you are encouraged to bring up your thoughts, raise questions, and share your practices with us and with other musicians around the world. Even if you don’t own the module(s) we’ll talk about!

The sessions are hosted in English on Zoom, for a limited number of participants. Since everyone is supposed to have an active role in the discussion, the workshops will not be recorded nor shared on video-hosting platforms.

The number of participants is limited, so make sure to enroll in advance! If you miss the chance to attend a workshop, don’t worry: we’ll soon host another one on the same topic.

After the workshop, we’d like to build an archive of our past courses. If you want, you can tape a short jam in which you’ll put into practice the ideas you got during the conversation and send a copy of the video or audio to us. We may upload it and embed it on this page. (You may also share it on your social channels if you want!)