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The 321 is a multi-purpose utility module for high-quality audio and CV processing.

It consists of three sections, each capable of scaling a signal, inverting it, and adding a positive or negative offset.

The signals feed two summing stages: one for all the sections and another that excludes from the sum those sections whose output socked has a plugged cable.

It can process both CV and audio signals: the sum borrows its design from our popular CGM series and guarantees transparent amplification and sum, with two -6 dB switched to attenuate the summed signal and gain extra headroom.

When nothing is patched, each section can output a plain DC offset.

Key Features

The 321 features a DC-Coupled amplifier that can attenuate or amplify audio and CV. It can add up to 6dB (or double a signal level).

A switch flips the phase of an audio source or inverts the values of a control voltage. The combination of switch and attenuator instead of an attenuverter allows you to precisely reach the 0 and completely mute a channel.

The Offset section allows to add or subtract a DC offset to the incoming signal. It is excellent to make unipolar signals bipolar or vice-versa. A switch can disable the offset completely to guarantee a more transparent audio treatment.

When no signal is patched to a section, its Offset control allows you to output a steady voltage. It can be either positive or negative, according to the Offset knob position.

The 321 has three independent circuits, each of which can scale, flip, and shift an audio or CV signal.

Two outputs at the top provide two different sums. The right one outputs all the three sections, including potential offsets, while the left one outputs just the sections that aren’t using their local outputs. You can use a dummy cable patched to a section’s output to remove it from the Unpatched output sum.

Both sum outputs feature a -6dB switch that can halve the output amplitude whenever the sum is too hot.




Additional information

Weight 0,143 kg
Dimensions 15,6 × 6 × 6 cm



6 HP


38 mm

Current draw

48 mA @ +12 V

48 mA @ -12 V

Recommended warmup time

30 min

Input impedance

>90 KΩ

Output impedance

<50 Ω

Frequency response

DC to 19 KHz

More details on the Manualone.



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