A Single, Comprehensive Guide to Our Modules

manualone / manuaˈloːne / Augmentative form for the Italian “manuale”, “handbook”, from the latin mănŭālis, “handy”, derived from mănŭs, “hand”. The name is a pun as it literally means “big manual” in Italian, but can also stand for Manual One in English, as in “one manual for all modules”.

This is Frap Tools’ manual, containing all the modules’ guides in a single volume: we will regularly update it with new content and fixes.

Besides the individual modules’ instructions, it also contains:

  • An introduction to the core concepts of modular synthesis;
  • A selected bibliography of suggested readings;
  • A guide to familiarize with our interface design;
  • Links to our Techniques and Ideas to help you practice the concepts.

Our goal is to offer an informative and pleasant manual to read.

In advance, we want to thank all the readers that will pinpoint any error, mistake, or typo here.