Sometimes it is nice to have control over your sound; some others, it is better to just let the instrument follow its own path. In this patch, we wanted to do both.

We set up a simple FM drone sound with FALISTRI and we filtered it with the extremely precise filter array of FUMANA. Then, we performed a spectral transferring process, but instead of “traditional” sound sources such as speeches we used quite an unconventional modulator signal, the famous Landscape Stereo Field.

Through its golden touch plates it provides enough manual control to the musician, but beware! Its unpredictable feedback circuit takes very little to get out of hand towards unexpected sonic regions. In case the device goes too far, FUMANA allows to tame it through its tweakable Envelope Followers controls.


  • FUMANA 1
  • CGM Channel 2
  • CGM Group 1
  • Landscape Stereo Field 1
  • Reverb (Optional)


  1. Set both FALISTRI’s generators in ‘Loop’ mode
  2. Set their time scale to ‘Short’
  3. Patch the yellow generator’s bipolar output to the green generator’s V/Oct input.
  4. Patch the 4QM out to FUMANA’s ODD Input.
  5. Patch the yellow EOF to the Dual Flip-Flop input.
  6. Set the first Flip Flop’s output to ‘Bipolar’.
    (This will create a square wave one octave lower.)
  7. Patch the first bipolar output to FUMANA’s EVEN Input.
  8. Patch FUMANA’s ODD output to the first CGM Channel.
  9. Set the first CGM Channel Pan pot to 10 o’clock.
  10. Patch FUMANA’s EVEN output to the second CGM Channel.
  11. Set the second CGM Channel Pan pot to 2 o’clock.
  12. Patch the CGM Group Out to your favorite output section.
  13. Patch two different Landscape Stereo Field’s outputs to FUMANA’s ODD and EVEN MOD Inputs.
  14. Play with different settings and see how the hand position affects the harmonic content of the original carrier sound.
  15. (Optional) Patch some of FUMANA’s Envelope followers, derived from the spectral analysis of the Stereo Field, back to the oscillator.
  16. (Optional) Add some reverb through the CGM Send / Return circuit.