Beginning with the SC and G modules, we introduced some changes in our packaging to reduce our company’s overall carbon footprint.

There are two main changes: boxes and labels.

1. New boxes

We were already using uncolored cardboard boxes to ease their disposal. However, we still had a couple of plastic elements in the packaging: the bubble-wrap envelope for the module, the foam spacers to lock it in place, and the screw envelopes.

We spent quite some time researching a way to get rid of them, and here’s what we came up with.

  • A sheet of tissue paper wraps the module, and a folded cardboard frame locks it. Both prevent the module and the screws from moving around the box and getting scratches or dents.
  • A small paper envelope now contains the screws.

We are gradually rolling out these new solutions, starting with the latest batches of SC, G, and 321. First, we plan to extend this new packaging to all the 6-HP modules; then, we also plan to develop a similar concept for the larger modules, which ship in two box sizes: a medium one for 12 or 18 HP units and a big one for units larger than 18 HP.

2. Recycling Codes

We now printed the recycling codes of every packaging element on the box’s sleeve. They are codes and symbols defined by the European commission that identify the materials to ease their recycling process.

For example, the box, the sleeve, and the tissue paper are three different kinds of paper labeled PAP-20, PAP-21, and PAP-22.

Would this save the planet? We honestly don’t know. However, at the moment, it is undoubtedly an improvement towards a more sustainable manufacturing process, especially combined with other adaptations that we’ve already begun to try. To learn more about how we’re handling the delicate matter of sustainability, check out our Environment page!

3. Concerning Boxes

It is necessary to keep the original box and sleeve to take advantage of the two-year warranty! We actually recommend keeping it even after the warranty has expired because it provides better packaging when shipping the module (for example, for maintenance or second-hand trades). However, if you want or need to dispose of it, please use the codes to find out your region’s directions.