What should you do when you have more than two patterns? You can cycle through them, of course, but that may become boring. You can arrange them in a song, but someone might find it stiff.⁠
What about momentarily changing the order of your pattern loop? With #USTAsequencer it’s possible! Just enter the Play Mode (green pencil LED), and the encoders will now recall other patterns.⁠
But there’s more! Hold the ‘Coarse’ button to mix two patterns!⁠


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  • 1 USTA
  • (Optional) 1 333
  • (Optional) 1 FUMANA
  • (Optional) CGM


  1. Set up a basic USTA patch, or, as in this video, the patch described in the Raw CV technique.
  2. Make sure you have a Pattern Loop with at least two patterns.
  3. Push the Edit/Play button to access Play Mode.
  4. Push the encoders to recall a pattern: it will play after the current one. (Hold down Shift All to recall patterns 17-32).
  5. Hold the Coarse button and push the encoder to switch pattern immediately (Pattern Mix).