This simple patch explores the main features of the USTA: how to select tracks, how to edit CV, Gate, and Length – but most importantly, how to get your sequence running!⁠


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  • 1 USTA


  1. Set FALISTRI in Synth Voice mode (steps 1-7).
  2. Patch the CVA output of Track 1 to the green generator’s V/oct input.
  3. Patch the GTA output of Track 1 to the yellow generator’s Trig/Gate input.
  4. Push the Track Button #1 to select Track 1.
  5. Push the CVA button to select CV A.
  6. Rotate the 16 encoders to enter the values of your sequence.
  7. Push the GTA button to select Gate A.
  8. Rotate the 16 encoders to enter the gate values: by default, it is set to 0, so no sound will come if you play your sequence before defining the gate value!
  9. Push the Length button to select the Length layer.
  10. Rotate the 16 encoders to change the length of each of the 16 stages. Set it to 0 to skip the stage.