Want to add some spice to your groove? It’s time to check the Gate Variation, then! Once you have selected the Gate layer, push the button a second time to access the Variation Index layer, and a third one to access the Variation Range. Here you can define the degree of gate unpredictability per stage! The gate variation works in combination with the Gate Colors: if the color is blue, it will randomly shorten or lengthen the gate duration, but if the color is green, you can experience some cool random ratchets!


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  1. Set up a basic patch as described in CV, Gate, Length.
  2. Select the gate layer.
  3. Push the gate button a second time to access the ‘Variation Index’ layer (green GT LED).
  4. Adjust the variation index per stage.
  5. Push the gate button a third time to access the ‘Variation Range’ layer (blue GT LED).
  6. Adjust the variation range.
    (Important! In order to experience the gate variation, you need to set both parameters higher than 0!)
  7. (Optional) Change the gate color from blue to green and experience ratcheting variations.