Timbre Sequencing

Another dialogue between USTA and BRENSO: this time, we patched some Raw CV outputs to various CV inputs of the Timbre section. As a result, the fairly simple sequence of the beginning becomes surprisingly alive!


  • 1 USTA
  • 1 BRENSO


  1. Write a melodic pattern on Track 1 CV A
  2. Patch Track 1 CV A to BRENSO’s yellow V/oct input.
  3. Patch BRENSO’s Final output to your favorite output section.
  4. Set Track 2 and 3’s CV A to Raw mode:
    1. Select the desired Track.
    2. Push the Navigation Encoder.
    3. Scroll until the CV A menu item, then select Raw.
  5. Write different patterns for Track 2 and 3 CV A and B.
  6. Patch the four CV outputs to BRENSO’s four main Timbre parameters CV inputs (Triangle Shaper, Pulse Shaper, Source, Waveshaper) and adjust their attenuators to taste.


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