Stage Loop is a special feature that allows you to repeat a specific section of your sequence.

You can define the first stage of this section, the length (up to 16 stages) and the number of repetitions. Whenever the playhead crosses the Stage Loop section, it will start looping, then it will move on to the rest of the sequence! You can activate this function anytime by pushing twice the button.

Oh, the Stage loop section works well across multiple patterns!


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  • 1 USTA
  • 1 FUMANA
  • 1 333
  • CGM


  1. Set up a basic USTA patch as described in CV, Gate, Length or, in alternative, as the one described in the Raw CV Technique.
  2. Make sure you are in ‘Edit’ mode (red pencil LED).
    (There is another column of labels at the far left of the Mod Buttons (‘Set All,’ ‘Shift All’ and Coarse/Fine): it says ‘From’, ‘To’ and ‘Length.’ These are the controls for the Stage Loop.)
  3. Push and hold ‘From’, then rotate the navigation encoder to select the first stage of the Pattern Loop.
    (The lower row of the Dashboard will display the current stages: FROM 01/01 means stage 1 of pattern 1, FROM 03/15 means stage 3 of pattern 15 and so on.)
  4. Push and hold ‘Length’, then rotate the navigation encoder to select the length of the pattern loop, expressed in stages (up to 16).
    (The LEN value in the lower row of the Dashboard will change accordingly. LEN06 means that the pattern loop will include six stages. Please note that:

      1. The stage loop length is relative, and it depends on the individual stage duration: a pattern loop can be two stages long, but it may last longer if the second stages has a length of 2, 3 or 16 time units.
      2. The stage loop can work across different patterns: if you select stage 15 of pattern 1 as the starting point of your stage loop, and set it to include four stages, it will play stages 15 and 16 of pattern 1, then stages 1 and 2 of pattern 2.)
  5. Push and hold ‘For’, then rotate the navigation encoder to select the number of repetitions.
    (FOR01 means that USTA will play the pattern one more time, 03 three more times and so on.)