Sidechain #2

Today we created this percussive patch with FUMANA and mixed it with a BRENSO bassline. To give every sound the space it deserves, we used the ALL EF out to duck the bassline. It is a simple but very natural sidechain effect!


  • 1 FUMANA
  • 1 321
  • 1 QSC or C
  • 1 SAPÈL
  • 1 BRENSO


  1. Patch BRENSO’s Final output to the first CGM or QSC channel.
  2. Patch SAPÈL’s 2ⁿ output to BRENSO’s V/oct input.
  3. Patch SAPÈL’s pink noise output to FUMANA’s Main input.
  4. Patch FUMANA’s All output to the second channel.
  5. Set all the FUMANA’s sliders to the lowest position.
  6. Patch SAPÈL’s random clock output to FUMANA’s Mod input.
  7. Patch FUMANA’s All E.F. output to any of the 321 sections.
  8. Add a positive offset and invert the signal.
    (Now the envelope mirrors the strikes that SAPÈL makes in the FUMANA.)
  9. Patch the processed E.F. to the CV input of the BRENSO’s channel.


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