Get some ratchets out of that envelope! FALISTRI’s frequency divider provides gates out of incoming trig signals. In this patch, they are used to automatically change the generator’s mode, from transient to cyclical, and back.


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  • 1 SAPÈL


  1. Set FALISTRI’s green generator to ‘Loop’ mode.
  2. Set the green generator’s Time Scale switch to ‘Short’.
  3. Set FALISTRI’s yellow generator to ‘Transient’ mode.
  4. Set the yellow generator’s Time Scale switch to ‘Long’.
  5. Set the yellow generator’s ‘Rise’ knob fully counterclockwise.
  6. Set its ‘Fall’ knob roughly around 11 o’clock.
  7. Patch the 4QM out to your favorite output section.
  8. Patch SAPÈL’s main clock output to yellow generator’s ‘Trig’ input.
  9. Patch SAPÈL’s random clock output to FALISTRI’s frequency divider input.
  10. Set SAPÈL’s random clock to ‘Less Than’ mode ( < ).
  11. Set FALISTRI’s frequency divider to ‘Unipolar’ mode (higher position of the switch).
  12. Patch FALISTRI’s frequency divider output to the yellow generator’s Play Mode CV input.
    (Now the random gates provided by SAPÈL’s random clock will randomly activate the yellow generator’s cycling mode, thus providing a sort of ratcheting-like effect.)
  13. Patch SAPÈL’s 2n output to FALISTRI’s green V/oct.