Let’s play with phase and do some extreme cross-patching!⁠

Track 1 and 2 play the same 16-step pattern, while track 3 plays just two stages. Their length is 16, so each of them lasts for a full pattern of tracks 1 and 2.⁠

We set the two stages of track 3 to play a slide between 0 and 10 V, creating a triangle LFO that lasts for two patterns of tracks 1 and 2.⁠

Then, we cross-patched it to a CV input and routed it to phase shift.⁠

The result is a sequence that progressively goes out of phase and then comes back in every two cycles!⁠


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  • USTA
  • CGM


  1. Set up the same sequence on tracks 1 and 2 (like we did on USTA Multitempo #1). In this case, we used a single, 16-stage pattern of 16 time units total (each stage with length 1).
  2. Set up a two-stage sequence on track 3, each stage with length 16. Make sure that all the tracks are running at the same clock and ratio.
  3. Select CV B on track 3 and set the first stage to 0 V and the second stage to 10 V.
  4. Push both stage’s encoders to select the green stage colog.
    Track 3 will now play a triangle LFO in sync with tracks 1 and 2.
  5. Cross-patch track 3’s CV B out to USTA’s CV A input.
  6. Enter track 2’s Track Menu and route the CV A to Phase Shift.