This is a patch that could play for HOURS! USTA’s four tracks can play at different BPM values, and sometimes it can be really nice to shift everything by one BPM only.


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  • USTA
  • CGM


  1. Patch BRENSO’s yellow and green sine waves to two CGM channels.
  2. Set both FALISTRI’s generators to Transient or Hold mode and patch them to the two channels’ VCA CV inputs.
  3. Patch tracks 1 and 2’s CV A outputs to BRENSO’s yellow and green V/oct inputs respectively.
  4. Patch track 1 and 2’s gate A outputs to FALISTRI’s yellow and green generators respectively.
  5. Write the same sequence on both tracks and play them. To speed the process, you can:
    1. Write a sequence on track 1
    2. Hold ESC and push Shift All to access the Clone Structure page.
    3. Push the track 1 button, then the track 2 button.
      Now the two tracks share the same content.
  6. Enter the track menu and set the second track 1 BPM slower or faster.
    You will start experiencing a sort of phasing effect.