Today we tried to approach FALISTRI’s four-quadrant multiplier as an analog AND. Well, it kinda worked! By patching unipolar gates such as the two EOFs, it outputs a gate-high signal only when both its inputs are high. It can be very useful in non-standard rhythmic patches!


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  • 1 BRENSO
  • 1 SAPÈL


  1. Set both FALISTRI’s generators to Loop and their time scale to Long.
  2. Patch the green unipolar output to BRENSO’s Wavefolder CV input and set its attenuator to taste.
  3. Patch the yellow unipolar output to BRENSO’s Mod Bus CV input and set its attenuverter to taste. Set also the Waveshapers and Symmetry attenuators to taste.
  4. Patch the green EOF to the yellow Trig/Gate input, forcing the yellow LFO to its rising stage at every green cycle.
  5. Patch the green EOR output to one of the 4QM inputs.
  6. Patch the yellow EOR output to the other input.
    (Now the 4QM will output a gate only when both the EORs are high, acting as an analog And.)
  7. Patch the 4QM output to SAPÈL’s Clock input.
  8. Patch SAPÈL’s clock output to BRENSO’s Ping input.
  9. Patch SAPÈL’s 2ⁿ output to BRENSO’s yellow V/oct input.