Wavefolder Ratcheting

In this video, we’re throwing some gates into the Wavefolder Ping input—and nothing else. No envelopes, no VCAs… all the articulation comes from these two modules!⁠


  • USTA


  1. Patch the CV A output of USTA’s Track 1 to BRENSO’s yellow V/oct input.
  2. Patch BRENSO’s Final Output to your favorite output section.
  3. Write your sequence on the USTA and tune BRENSO to taste.
  4. Set BRENSO’s Wavefolder Knob fully counterclockwise.
  5. Patch the Gate A output of USTA’s Track 1 to BRENSO’s Ping input.
  6. Write your gates on the USTA.
    (It is important that not all the stages with a note have a gate: in this way, the gate will ping the input only on certain notes, thus adding more groove.)
  7. Play with different wavefolder settings and hear how they affect the overall groove.
  8. Push USTA’s Stage Encoders while being on Track 1/Gate A to activate the Green color, and change the repetition number by rotating the Stage Encoders.
    (Now the Wavefolder will be excited by a ratcheting effect.)


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