Here are some behaviors of FALISTRI’s four quadrant multiplier! Its two inputs are normalled to the yellow unipolar and the green bipolar outs. This means that if the green generator is used as audio oscillator, the yellow one controls its amplitude.


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  • 1 SAPÈL (for additional modulations)


  1. Set the green FALISTRI’s generator to ‘Loop’ mode.
  2. Set the green generator’s Time Scale switch to the lower position to obtain faster cycles.
  3. Set the yellow FALISTRI’s generator to ‘Hold’ mode.
  4. Set the yellow generator’s Time Scale switch to the higher position to obtain longer cycles.
  5. Patch the Four Quadrant Multiplier (4QM) out to your favorite output section.
  6. Push and hold the yellow generator’s button.
  7. You will now hear the green generator’s tone.
    (This is because the yellow generator’s unipolar out is semi-normalled to the first 4QM input, and the green generator’s bipolar out is semi-normalled to the second one: in other words, the green generator is now acting as oscillator, the yellow one as AHR envelope and the 4QM as VCA. Only the two upper LEDS are flashing: this is because there is only one bipolar signal in the circuit.)
  8. Now set the yellow generator to ‘Cycling’ mode.
    (It will sound like an LFO affecting the green generator’s amplitude.)
  9. Now set the yellow generator’s Time Scale switch to the lower position, and turn the ‘Rise’ and ‘Fall’ knobs to change its frequency.
    (The yellow generator is now cycling at audio rate and its individual cycles are no longer audible. The result is that the green oscillator’s timbre is dramatically altered through the creation of new harmonics, called “sidebands”, whose frequency changes in relation to the yellow generator’s one, but the green fundamental tone will still be audible. This is the so-called ‘amplitude modulation’, or AM. For further readings, chech the MANUALONE section.)
  10. Patch SAPÈL’s 2n out to the yellow generator’s V/oct input
    (The AM is now driven by the random notes provided by SAPÈL.)
  11. Patch the yellow generator’s bipolar output to the 4QM’s first input.
    (This operation will break the internal semi-normalisation and will use a bipolar signal to modulate the green generator’s amplitude. This will activate all of the four quadrants, and will perform the so-called ‘ring modulation’. The results are quite similar to the ones performed by the AM, but the fundamental tone will not be heard anymore and the sidebands will have a higher amplitude.)