Usta Envelopes #2

Here’s another example of USTA’s CV B used to create some funky envelopes to spice up this acid sequence!


  • 1 USTA
  • 1 FUMANA
  • 1 333


  1. Set FALISTRI’s green generator to Loop mode and its time scale to Short.
  2. Patch its EOR to the Dual cascaded frequency divider (DCFD).
  3. Patch the DCFD output #1 and the green bipolar output to a section of the 333.
  4. Patch one of that section’s output to FUMANA’s Main in.
  5. Patch FUMANA’s All out to your favorite output section.
  6. Lower nearly all the FUMANA’s sliders.
  7. Set FALISTRI’s yellow generator to Hold mode and its time scale to Long.
  8. Patch the CV A of USTA’s Track 1 to FALISTRI’s green V/oct input.
  9. Patch the CV B of USTA’s Track 1 to FUMANA’s Center CV input.
  10. Patch the gate A of USTA’s Track 1 to FALISTRI’s Slew Limiter output.
  11. Patch FALISTRI’s Slew Limiter output to FUMANA’s Tilt CV input.
  12. Patch the gate B of USTA’s Track 1 to FALISTRI’s yellow Trig/Gate input.
  13. Patch FALISTRI’s yellow unipolar output to FUMANA’s Peak/Notch CV input.
  14. Program a sequence and use CV B and Gate B to animate the spectral content.
  15. Set CV B color to Green to create a complex LFO.


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