USTA Chords

A simple, yet effective way to get some arcade-like chord stabs with the USTA sequencer!


  • 1 USTA
  • 1 FALISTRI (envelope)
  • BRENSO or FALISTRI to taste (sound sources)
  • 1 333
  • CGM


  1. On the USTA sequencer, select a track and push the Navigation Encoder to access the Track Menu. Scroll until the CV B option, then select Pitch.
    (In this way, both the selected track’s CV outputs will be quantized to the selected scale).
  2. Repeat the operation on other tracks until you reach the number of chord voices you need.
  3. Write down the chord voicings, one voice per CV channel.
    (Make sure that all the tracks have the same clock settings and Length values!)
  4. Patch the CV outputs to the V/oct input of all the sound sources (here we use FALISTRI and the green section of the BRENSO).
  5. Patch the output of the sound sources to the 333. Activate the -6dB switch to prevent it from saturating.
  6. Patch the output of the 333 to a CGM Channel.
  7. Write the gate pattern on one of the chord tracks’ Gate channel (here we use Track 2 CV A).
  8. Patch the gate output to the Trig/Gate input of a FALISTRI set to work in Hold mode.
  9. Patch the unipolar output of this FALISTRI to the CGM channel’s VCA CV input.
  10. (Optional) Write a bassline on another track.


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