TZFM Modulator Sequencing

Here’s an advanced use for USTA’s Raw Voltages!⁠ In this patch, we use two sequences to achieve a complex, through-zero FM BRENSO patch.⁠ The first sequence outputs pitch voltages and controls the carrier and modulator frequency (through BRENSO’s integrator).⁠ The second track has a faster sequence that outputs raw voltages to the v/oct input of the modulator. It adds specific offsets that change the carrier:modulator ratio, thus providing evolving harmonic spectra!


  • USTA


  1. Patch BRENSO’s yellow sine output to your favorite output section.
  2. Patch the CV A output of USTA’s Track 1 to BRENSO’s yellow V/oct input.
  3. Patch the CV B output of USTA’s Track 2 to BRENSO’s green V/oct input.
  4. Set BRENSO’s Integrator knob fully clockwise.
    (In this way, the green oscillator will be controlled by both te CV inputs.)
  5. Set all the tracks to the same clock, but make sure that Track 2 runs at a higher clock ratio.
  6. Write two different sequences: one in pitch voltages for the yellow oscillator (carrier), and one in raw voltages for the green oscillator (modulator).
  7. Play the sequence.
  8. If needed, double click the track buttons to access composition mode and fine-tune the carrier frequency.
    (USTA’s CV B have a high resolution that allows you to obtain precise carrier:modulator ratios.)


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