The Triangle Shaper is the first part of BRENSO’s Timbre Section. It morphs the triangle wave to a quasi-sine and a sort of logarithmic waveform. (This last one is quite similar to what you can achieve with FALISTRI when you set both the rising and falling stages to the Log shape.)⁠ The difference is subtle at first, but once you start cranking up the wavefolder, it will make A WORLD of difference!


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  1. Patch BRENSO’s Final output to your favorite output section.
  2. Set the Source knob fully counterclockwise.
    (This will route to the wavefolder just the signal coming from the Triangle Shaper.)
  3. Set the wavefolder knob roughly at 8 o’clock, right until you begin to hear a sound.
  4. Rotate the Triangle Shaper knob.
    (You will hear a very subtle change in the harmonic content. If you can, compare it to FALISTRI’s waveshaping.)
  5. Set the Wavefolder knob to any higher setting and repeat point 4.
    (The differences between shapes will become more and more distinct.)
  6. Set the Symmety knob to a different value and hear how it affects the sound.