Timbre Modulation Bus #2

BRENSO is all about access. Here’s why we separated the Timbre Modulation Bus from the actual Timbre section.⁠

In this way, the Timbre Mod Bus becomes an actual VCA, that you can control with any CV you want.⁠

At the same time, you can always break the semi-normalization and use another signal to control any Timbre parameter.


  • 1 BRENSO
  • 1 SAPÈL


  1. Patch BRENSO’s Final output to your favorite output section.
  2. Patch SAPÈL’s S&H to the Modulation Bus CV input.
  3. Set one of FALISTRI’s generators to Loop mode and its time scale to Long.
  4. Patch its unipolar output to the Wavefolder CV input, breaking the Mod Bus semi-normalization.


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