Timbre Modulation Bus #1

This is another thing that we absolutely wanted in our BRENSO: an “open” modulation bus for the timbre section.⁠

Without any patching, it’s a VCA that routes the green sine wave to modulate the yellow oscillator’s key Timbre controls: Triangle Shaper, Pulse Shaper, Source, and Wavefolder.⁠

We designed these circuits so that they would work great when modulated at audio rate, so make sure to try it out! It can add a lot of expressiveness, especially with some detuning on purpose.⁠

You can do some other stuff with the Timbre Modulation Bus, such as patching something else to its input, control its level via CV, or patch its output somewhere else, but we’ll talk about them in other videos!⁠




  1. Patch BRENSO’s Final output to your favorite output section.
  2. Rotate the Modulation Bus Level to taste.
    (This will route the green oscillator’s modulation to the main Timbre parameters.)
  3. Rotate the Triangle Shaper, Pulse Shaper, Source, and Wavefolder attenuators to route the Timbre Modulation to these parameters.
  4. Play with the green oscillator tuning.


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