Timbre Mod VCA and Self Modulation

This is a fairly extreme use of the Timbre Modulation Bus!⁠

The grey parameters are an actual linear VCA which, by default, routes the green sine wave to the yellow oscillator’s timbre parameters (Triangle Shaper, Pulse Shaper, Source, Wavefolder).⁠

However, you can break the internal semi-normalization and patch any AC or DC input to the Timbre Modulation Bus.⁠

It also features dedicated output and CV controls, so it would work as a stand-alone VCA.⁠

In this patch, we used it to control the final amplitude of our sound through some cross-patching, and use the FINAL output to self-modulate its parameters!


  • 1 BRENSO
  • 1 FALISTRI (Optional)


  1. Patch BRENSO’s Final output to the Timbre Modulation Bus input.
    (This will break the green sine wave’s internal semi-normalization.)
  2. Patch BRENSO’s Timbre Mod output to your favorite output section.
  3. Patch any CV to the Timbre Mod CV input.
    (In this patch, we used a FALISTRI as an LFO. Now it controls the Final output’s amplitude!)
  4. play with the modulation attenuators of the Waveshapers, Wavefolder and Source parameters.
    (This will generate some internal self-modulation!)


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