Reverb Feedback

Beware – today we played with fire! 🔥⁠

Who said that the effect send should be patched back to the return? What if we patch it to another channel?⁠

Well, that works, but what if we route this channel as well back to the effect send? That’s right, a feedback loop!⁠

And if we put a FUMANA in the middle of this loop, we can shape our feedback to taste! But beware, things can get out of control pretty quickly!


  • 1 FUMANA
  • 1 BRENSO
  • 1 Reverb unit (to taste)
  • 1 QSC or C+G


  1. Patch BRENSO’s Final output to a channel module.
  2. Set the effect send to Pre-fader (upper switch position).
  3. Patch the QSC or group mono effect send to the reverb.
  4. Patch the reverb return to FUMANA’s Main in.
  5. Patch FUMANA’s Odd and Even outputs to another QSC channel (or to two separate Cs).
  6. Play with the effect send of FUMANA’s channel(s) to create a feedback loop over the reverb.


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