This time we’ll get a more spicy ratcheting-like effect! SAPÈL’s n+1 output provides voltages tuned in octaves. If the target oscillates below audio rate, it will simply double its frequency, with interesting ratcheting effects.


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  • 1 SAPÈL


  1. Set FALISTRI’s green generator to ‘Loop’ mode.
  2. Set the green generator’s Time Scale switch to ‘Short’.
  3. Set FALISTRI’s yellow generator to ‘Transient’ mode.
  4. Set the yellow generator’s Time Scale switch to ‘Long’.
  5. Set the yellow generator’s ‘Rise’ knob fully counterclockwise.
  6. Set its ‘Fall’ knob roughly around 1 o’clock.
  7. Patch the 4QM out to your favorite output section.
  8. Patch SAPÈL’s main clock output to yellow generator’s ‘Trig’ input.
  9. Patch SAPÈL’s n+1 output to FALISTRI’s yellow V/Oct
    (The n+1 circuit outputs voltages which are tuned in octaves: when they are patched to a V/oct input, they will multiply the oscillator’s frequency by 2, 4, 8 and so on, but this will work also with LFOs, resulting in a sort of “clock multiplication”. Since the yellow generator controls the green one’s amplitude, this patch will result in a random multiplication of the envelopes on each note.)
  10. Patch SAPÈL’s 2n output to FALISTRI’s green V/oct.