Random trigs with some SAPÈL self-patching!⁠ In this patch we’ll use the yellow main clock out to control the green one, then we’ll add some cross-patching within the yellow section to achieve some unpredictability.⁠


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  • 1 SAPÈL


  1. Set FALISTRI to the ‘Synth Voice’ configuration (points 1-7).
  2. Patch SAPÈL’s yellow Main Clock out to the green Clock Input.
  3. Patch the green 2n output to FALISTRI’s green V/oct.
  4. Patch SAPÈL’s yellow 2n to the yellow Gate/CV Modulation input.
    (Now the yellow clock will change its speed at every impulse, with a random-like effect. Change the n value to obtain different degrees of randomness, and experiment with other random outputs with or without probability distribution.)