Phase Shift

USTA allows you to use ANY CV to shift the phase of one sequence in relation to its clock. You can use a DC offset to obtain a more laid-back sound (if you feel like Dexter Gordon), or any random CV to add some non-destructive degree of unpredictability.⁠


  • USTA
  • CGM
  • External FX (optional)


  1. Set both FALISTRIs to the Synth Voice patch.
  2. Set all the USTA Tracks to the same settings (Clock, Ratio, Scale, Root…)
  3. Create your sequence on Track 1, then copy it to track 2:
    1. hold ESC and push Shift All to access the Clone page;
    2. push the Track 1 button;
    3. push the Track 2 button.
  4. Play the sequence
  5. Patch any output of the three 321 sections to USTA’s CV A input.
    (make sure that the offset switch of the 321 is on!)
  6. Select Track 2, enter the Track Menu, scroll until the Phase Shift option, then assign it to CV A.
  7. Rotate the Offset knob on the 333 clockwise.
    (you will hear Track 2 shifting behind the beat until it is exactly the 50% off).
  8. Practice with different CV sources.


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