More percussion sounds with FUMANA and various noise sources Fumana’s modulation input welcomes trigs as well, which provide a lovely “woody” tone reminding some kind of lopass gate.


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  1. Patch SAPÈL’s pink noise to FUMANA’s Main Input.
  2. Set all FUMANA’s band faders to the lowest position.
  3. Patch SAPÈL’s main clock to FUMANA’s Mod Input.
    (You will instantly notice a percussive sounds which resembles a sort of low-pass gate.)
  4. Adjust the Main and Mod levels to taste.
  5. Play with the Envelope Follower Attack and Decay controls.
    (The changes in tone will be extremely evident.)
  6. Unpatch SAPÈL’s main clock out.
  7. Set one of FALISTRI’s generators to ‘Loop’ mode.
  8. Patch its EOF to FUMANA’s MOD input.
    (The tone will be very different because FALISTRI’s trig is shorter than SAPÈL’s one).
  9. Patch different sound sources to FUMANA’s Main Input to try different tones.