Use FUMANA with FALISTRI and SAPÈL to create cool percussion sounds! FUMANA can transform a simple noise source into many different percussion sounds – at the same time! In this patch we’ll go through a handful of possibilities: claves, shakers and cymbals.


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  • 1 SAPÈL
  • 1 FUMANA


  1. Set both FALISTRI’s generators to ‘Transient’ mode.
  2. Set their Time Scale to ‘Long’
  3. Patch SAPÈL’s main clock out to the yellow generator’s Trig input.
  4. Set the yellow generator’s ‘Rise’ knob to 11 o’clock and its ‘Fall’ one fully counter-clockwise.
  5. Patch the yellow generator’s unipolar output to FUMANA’s Tilt input, and set the Tilt CV attenuverter to 1 o’clock.
    (This will provide a sort of shaker effect by emphasizing the higher spectrum of the white noise).
  6. Patch SAPÈL’s random clock out to the green generator’s Trig input.
  7. Set SAPÈL’s random clock to ‘Less Than’ mode ( < ).
  8. Set the green generator’s ‘Rise’ knob fully counter-clockwise and its ‘Fall’ one to 11 o’clock.
  9. Patch the green generator’s unipolar output to FUMANA’s Band #13 CV input.
    (This will sound like a woodblock, or castanets: it opens and closes only a narrow band of the full noise spectrum.)
  10. Set the yellow generator’s ‘Rise’ knob to 9 o’clock and its ‘Fall’ knob to noon.
  11. Patch SAPÈL’s 2n output to the yellow generator’s ‘Fall’ CV input.
    (Now the Tilt modulation will change from a shaker to a sort of open/closed HiHat.)