With the Quad Stereo Channel, we introduced the pan/crossfade function! If you patch two sound sources to the left and right inputs, you get them panned by default. But if you activate the crossfade switch, the panpot now blends the two sources into a mono output! (Yes, this makes the QSC a rudimentary eight-channel mono mixer…).


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  • 1 QSC
  • 1 BRENSO (optional)


  1. Patch two sound sources to the left and right inputs of any QSC channel.
    (In this case, we used BRENSO’s green sawtooth and yellow pulse output, slightly detuned.)
  2. Set the pan/crossfade switch to its upper position.
    (The channel behavior changes: it now blends two sources to a mono output.)
  3. Use the panpot to define the sounds’ balance.


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