Get a simple but heavy synth kick drum out of your FALISTRI! By using the green generator as oscillator and patching the yellow attenuverted in its V/oct input, you will generate a very snappy drum sound with controls over decay time, pitch modulation and tone! Add some SAPÈL for a wilder sound.


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  • 1 SAPÈL


  1. Set the green FALISTRI’s generator to ‘Loop’ mode.
  2. Set the green generator’s Time Scale switch to the higher position to obtain faster cycles.
  3. Set the yellow FALISTRI’s generator to ‘Transient’ mode.
  4. Set the yellow generator’s Time Scale switch to the higher position to obtain slightly longer envelopes.
  5. Set the yellow ‘Rise’ knob to the minimum (leftmost position)
  6. Patch the Four Quadrant Multiplier (4QM) out to your favorite output section.
  7. Patch SAPÈL’s random clock out to the yellow trig in.
  8. Patch the yellow attenuverted out to the green V/Oct input.
    (Now the yellow envelope will control both the amplitude and the pitch of the green one. Adjust the pitch of the green generator by turning its ‘Rise’ and ‘Fall’ knobs. Play with the yellow ‘Fall’ knobs —both time and shape — to define the nature of the kick decay. Play with the yellow attenuverter to determine the amount of pitch modulation).
  9. Patch SAPÈL’s 2n out to the yellow generator’s ‘Fall’ CV
    (This will add some motion to the patch by randomly increasing the kick decay.)
  10. Patch any of the four SAPÈL’s noise outputs to the green generator’s ‘Fall’ CV in.
    (This will add more ‘grit’ to the kick sound: experiment with different noise sources to obtain different sounds.)