What about a FUMANA Feedback AND a spectral transfer – at the same time? In this patch we’ll use the feedback trick to emphasize the modulation of an oscillator over a pink noise. It works great when vocoding, too!


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  • 1 FUMANA
  • 1 SAPÈL
  • 1 321
  • 1 CGM – Channel
  • 1 CGM – Group


  1. Patch SAPÈL’s pink noise output to the first 321 channel.
  2. Patch 321’s ALL output to FUMANA’s MAIN input.
  3. Set FUMANA’s faders to the lowest position.
  4. Set the Green FALISTRI’s generators to ‘Loop’ mode.
  5. Set its Time Scale to ‘Short’
  6. Patch its bipolar output to FUMANA’s MOD input.
  7. Patch SAPÈL’s 2n out to FALISTRI’s Green V/oct input.
  8. Patch FUMANA’s ALL output to the CGM channel input.
    (Now the oscillator from FALISTRI will control the spectral content of the pink noise from SAPÈL)
  9. Set the gain VCA to ‘Pre-Fader’ mode and its gain to taste.
  10. Patch the CGM Channel’s Direct output to the second 321 channel.
  11. Gently raise the gain of the second 321 channel.
    (You will now hear the filter becoming more and more resonant.)
  12. Flip the phase of the fed-back signal with the switch on the 321.
    (The sound will be very different due to the phase inversion.)