Fumana Feedback #2

A sort of resonating FUMANA through controlled feedback. In this patch we’ll use a 321 to blend together the signals to be filtered and the fed-back signal. It allows us to control the amount of the two signals and also their phase!


  • 1 FUMANA
  • 1 SAPÈL
  • 1 321
  • 1 CGM – Channel
  • 1 CGM – Group


  1. Set both FALISTRI’s generators to ‘Loop’ mode.
  2. Set their Time Scale to ‘Short’
  3. Patch the yellow generator’s bipolar output to the green one V/oct input.
  4. Patch the green generator’s bipolar ouput to 321’s first channel.
  5. Adjust the gain to taste.
    (This will create a harmonically-rich FM tone, very nice for filtering purposes.)
  6. Patch 321’s ALL output to FUMANA’s MAIN input.
  7. Set FUMANA’s Scan Gain fully clockwise.
  8. Set FUMANA’s Scan Position to 9 o’clock.
  9. Set FUMANA’s Scan Width to 11 o’clock.
  10. Patch SAPÈL’s S&H output to FUMANA’s Scan Position CV input, and set the attenuverter fully clockwise.
  11. Patch FUMANA’s ALL output to the CGM channel input.
  12. Set the gain VCA to ‘Pre-Fader’ mode and its gain to taste.Patch the CGM Channel’s Direct output to the second 321 channel.
  13. Gently raise the gain of the second 321 channel.
    (You will now hear the filter becoming more and more resonant.)
  14. Flip the phase of the fed-back signal with the switch on the 321.
    (The sound will be very different due to the phase inversion.)


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