Today we’ll create some complex waveforms with FALISTRI! Using both generators at audio rate, and patching one’s EOF to the other’s trig/gate input, we can obtain a sort of flip sync, where an oscillator forces the other to its rising stage.⁠

Oh, there’s more! You can use the same V/oct signal for both channels and put a slew limiter before the synced oscillator. You’ll obtain something very similar to BRENSO’s flip sync with integrator!


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  • 1 USTA (optional)
  • 1 333 (optional)


  1. Set both FALISTRI’s generator to Loop and their time scale to Short.
  2. Patch the yellow bipolar output to QSC’s channel 1.
  3. Patch the green bipolar output to QSC’s channel 2.
  4. Duplicate USTA’s V/oct signal with the 333 and patch it to the green V/oct input.
  5. Patch the green EOR to the yellow Trig/Gate input.
    (Now the green oscillator forces the yellow one to its rising stage in a sort of flip sync.)
  6. (Optional) Patch another copy of the V/oct CV to the Linear Slew Limiter, then patch its output to the yellow V/oct signal.
    (Now it will create some automated sync sweeps.)