Composing a song might require a lot of patience: here’s why USTA features its Composition Mode.⁠ When USTA is not playing (and you are not in any of the menus), just push twice the track buttons: all the gate channels will immediately get high, and you will be able to hear the individual stages one by one. Use the navigation encoder to skim through the sequence, check if everything is all right, and carefully edit every parameter – you can take all the time you need!⁠


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  • 1 USTA
  • (Optional) 1 FUMANA


  1. Set up a Synth Voice patch (steps 1-6), and, optionally:
    1. Patch FALISTRI’s green EOR to the Dual Cascaded Frequency Divider input #1.
    2. Set the DCFD output #1 to Bipolar.
    3. Patch the DCFD output to FUMANA’s ODD input.
    4. Patch FALISTRI’s green EOC to FUMANA’s EVEN input.
    5. Patch the GTa of USTA’s track 1 to the FALISTRI’s yellow Trig/Gate input.
    6. Patch the FALISTRI’s yellow unipolar output to the CGM VCA CV input.
    7. Patch the CVa to FALISTRI’s green V/oct
    8. Patch the CVb to FUMANA’s Scan Position CV in, set the faders to the lowest position and the Scan parameters to taste.
  2. Make sure you are in Edit Mode and double click the Track 1 button to enter Composition Mode.
  3. Select the desired CV, Length or GT the stage encoders to define the parameters.
  4. Rotate the navigation encoder to scroll through the stages and hear your sequence stage by stage.