It is possible to make the two sections of FALISTRI interact with eachother: in this patch, the yellow generator’s Loop state is activated by the green envelope, which controls its frequency and amplitude as well.


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  • FALISTRI (2)


  1. (First FALISTRI) Set the green generator to ‘Loop’ mode and its time scale to ‘fast’.
  2. Patch Second FALISTRI’s yellow generator’s unipolar output into First FALISTRI’s 4QM input 1.
    (Now it will control the amplitude of FALISTRI #1’s green generator)
  3. (Second FALISTRI) Set the green generator to ‘Transient’ mode and the yellow one to ‘Loop’ mode.
  4. Set their time scale to ‘slow’
  5. Set the both the green and yellow generators’ ‘Rise’ knob fully counter-clockwise, and their ‘Fall’ one around 2 o’clock.
  6. Set the green generator’s attenuverted knob to 10 o’clock.
  7. Patch the green generator’s inverted output to the yellow one’s ‘Fall’ CV input.
  8. Patch the green EOF output to the yellow generator’s trig input.
    (Now the green generator will retrig the yellow one, while simultaneously changing its decay time. You will hear several envelopes progressively slowing down.)
  9. Unpatch the cable from the yellow generator’s unipolar output and patch it to Second FALISTRI’s 4QM out.
  10. Patch the green generator’s unipolar output to 4QM input 2.
    (Now the green envelope will affect the yellow generator’s frequency and amplitude at the same time. The output from First FALISTRI’s 4QM will control the green oscillator in First FALISTRI.)