The Coarse/Fine button lets you change the pitch of quantized voltages by intervals of 1 octave, or the value of the unquantized ones by steps of 0.5V. Add the ‘Esc’ button, and it will become the Fine control: now you can fine-tune your notes by cents of semitones or your raw voltages by 1mV steps.


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  • USTA


  1. Set up a basic USTA patch as described in CV, Gate, Length.
  2. Push and hold the ‘Coarse’ button while rotating the stage encoder for coarse CV editing.
    (When the CV is set to ‘Pitch’, it will increase or decrease the value by octaves; when it is set to ‘Raw’, it will increase or decrease the stage value by Volt units.)
  3. Push and hold the ‘Esc’ and ‘Coarse’ buttons while rotating the stage encoders for fine CV editing.
    (Fine tuning changes the pitch of quantized stages by 1 cent, and the value of unquantized stages by 1mV).