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  • Modular Randomness 1

    Sample and hold, fluctuating random voltages, probability distribution: today we'll talk about SAPÈL and the magnetic charm of unpredictability!
  • Exponential VCAs

    Today we’ll talk about exponential VCAs in their most popular form: the mixers. To do so, we’ll use the CGM, a voltage-controllable Eurorack mixer!
  • Amplifiers, Inverters, Offset

    Today we’ll see why amplification, inversion, and offset are so important, and we’ll talk about how to achieve them in our system!
  • Timing Pulses, Episode 3

    In today’s episode, well talk about Gates from the USTA sequencer perspective! We’ll see how to generate them, how to handle Stage Length and Gate length, how to play with ratchets, and,…
  • Timing Pulses, Episode 2

    In this episode of Frap Talks we’ll talk about FALISTRI, gates, quadrature modes and groove.
  • Timing Pulses, Episode 1

    In this episode of Frap Talks we’ll talk about trigs, and we’ll see how to use them in our Frap System.