Amplitude Modulation #1

Use the AM/RM Crossfade to bring in your FINAL output an amplitude-modulated copy of the sound coming out of the Wavefolder.⁠

By default, the amplitude modulator is the green sine wave, but you can replace it with any CV.⁠

It is an actual four-quadrant multiplier, very similar to the one you can see on FALISTRI!⁠

Like that one, you can choose between two and four quadrants, thus switching from amplitude modulation to ring modulation.⁠

You can also voltage-control the crossfader, and add even more expressiveness to your complex waveforms!


  • SAPÈL (Optional)


  1. Patch BRENSO’s Final output to your favorite output section.
  2. Rotate the AM/RM knob.
    (It will bring into the mix an amplitude-modulated copy of the Wavefolder output. By default, the green oscillator is the modulator.)
  3. (Optional) Patch a SAPÈL’s S&H output to the AM/RM CV input to automate the crossfading.


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