Add some dynamics to your patterns through FALISTRI’s MAX out! This patch uses both SAPÈL’s clocks: the main one provides the steady pulse by triggering FALISTRI’s green envelope, the random one trigs the yellow envelope which adds some extra accents: the two envelopes are blended through the MAX output.


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  • 1 SAPÈL


  1. (First FALISTRI) Set both generators to ‘Transient’ mode.
  2. Set their Time Scale switch to ‘Long’.
  3. Set both generator’s ‘Rise’ knobs fully counter-clockwise.
  4. Set the yellow generator’s ‘Fall’ knob to noon.
  5. Set the yellow generator’s ‘Fall Shape’ knob fully clockwise.
  6. Set the green generator’s ‘Fall Shape’ knob fully counter-clockwise.
  7. Set the green generator’s ‘Fall’ knob to 11 o’clock.
  8. Set the green generator’s ‘Fall’ knob to 11 o’clock.
  9. Patch the green EOF out to SAPÈL’s clock input.
  10. Patch SAPÈL’s main clock output to the green generator’s ‘Trig’ input.
  11. Patch SAPÈL’s random clock output to the yellow generator’s ‘Trig’ input.
  12. Set SAPÈL’s random clock to ‘Less Than’ mode ( < ).
    (Now SAPÈL trigs the green section of Falistri at a steady pace, while randomly triggering the yellow one.)
  13. Set the yellow attenuverter fully clockwise
  14. Set the green attenuverter to 3 o’clock.
    (In this way the green generator will have an exponential fall for a snappier tone, while the yellow one will provide some random “fatter” envelopes.)
  15. Patch the MAX output to the first input of the second FALISTRI’s 4QM.
  16. (Second FALISTRI) Set the green generator to ‘Loop’ mode.
  17. Set its Time Scale switch to ‘short’ and adjust the ‘Rise’ and ‘Fall’ knobs to taste.
  18. Patch the 4QM out to your favorite output section.
    (Now its amplitude will be controlled by both the first FALISTRI’s envelopes: the green one will provide a steady pulse, while some random envelopes coming from the yellow generator will noticeably increase the amplitude, thus providing accents.)