what makes sense to us

Designing something that should only be our version of or our alternative of something else: well, no, this doesn’t make sense to us at all.
We focus on small details, high quality materials and components, great design, ease of use.
And mostly, because we have a defined need.
When thinking about a new product, if these criteria are matched, we go on developing it and finalizing it.
Filling that need with the best solution possible: this makes sense to us.

the Frap thing

Frap has a meaning. It is not english, it is not italian, it is not Finnish.
Frap is word that comes from a dialect of the northern area of Modena, Italy, where we are based. It simply means “smith”, a different way to say the last name of the founder.
The important part is not what Frap means, instead the fact that when choosing the “Frap” thing, we knew from the beginning that we would have always been connected to our home. This is why we only use italian or “dialect” names for our products.

why not “MADE IN ITALY”

We are Italians. We’re proud of it, and we’re proud to do all the assemblies, the semifinished and the finished product here.
We aren’t and we won’t advertise or mark our product with the “Made in Italy” thing: this because, it doesn’t mean anything.
A lot of companies in Italy are just packaging stuff they buy abroad, and selling this stuff as “Made in Italy”: technically it’s normal, but we don’t like it.
Due to this, instead, we prefer to say “designed and crafted in Italy”. It may be a bit strange, but to us it just fits better.


Some of our products use woods, and since we don’t make acoustic musical instruments, obviously, it isn’t for the sound.
Wood has fibers, it’s natural, it’s not perfect and makes each piece different from the other. We love that, so please, don’t ask us to ship you a piece like the one you see on that picture online: each piece has it’s own story.
All our wood pieces are finished by hand and adapted by hand. We’re not using veneer to cover a low quality MDF. Instead, we only use gorgeous solid woods.
We’re always changing and testing different woods, for different purposes: we started with beech and we’re replacing it with pear. The UNO uses (also) zebrawood, the PLUS uses black limba. Each kind as its own use. And we also care about not wasting too much of it, even reusing excess materials.