FALISTRI can work as a self-sufficient synth voice! The four-quadrant multiplier can work as a pretty simple VCA. The yellow unipolar output and the green bipolar one are semi-normalled to the two inputs: this means that the yellow generator can work as an envelope, and the green one as an audio-rate oscillator.


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  • 1 External CV/Gate controller


  1. Set FALISTRI’s green generator to ‘Loop’ mode.
  2. Set the green generator’s Time Scale switch to ‘Short’.
  3. Set FALISTRI’s yellow generator to ‘Hold’ mode.
  4. Set the yellow generator’s Time Scale switch to ‘Long’.
  5. Set the yellow generator’s ‘Rise’ knob fully counterclockwise.
  6. Set its ‘Fall’ knob roughly around 11 o’clock.
  7. Patch the 4QM out to your favorite output section.
  8. Patch the external controller’s gate output to the yellow generator’s Trig / Gate input.
  9. Patch the external controller’s CV output to FALIStRI’s Slew Limiter input.
  10. Patch the Slew Limiter output to the green generator’s V/oct input.
    (Now play the controller and – optionally! – tune the oscillator. You will be able to control its expressiveness through the Slew Limiter controls.)