We’ve seen how to change the pattern loop settings, and how to recall other patterns on the fly temporarily, but there’s another option that let you organize your sequences in a fixed form: the Song Mode.


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  • 1 USTA
  • 1 FUMANA (Optional)
  • CGM and reverb (Optional)


  1. Set up a basic usta patch as described in CV, Gate, Length.
  2. Compose some patterns: see Edit & Performance Mode and Pattern Loop for some ideas.
  3. Hold ESC and push the pencil button to edit the Song content.
    (The guitar-shaped LED will light up red: it means that USTA is still in Pattern mode, but now we are editing the song.)
    (The Channel LEDs –CVA, CVB, Length, GTA, GTB– will all become red: now the 16 encoders stand for the 16 song slots.)
  4. Rotate the encoders to define which pattern will play in which slot.
    (The LED arc will light up from left to right: every light corresponds to a pattern from 1 to 16. Once the full arc is lit, keep rotating to access patterns from 17 to 32: the led will progressively turn off from left to right.)
  5. Push any of the channel button.
    (The LEDs will turn green, and now it is possible to define how many times a slot will be repeated.)
  6. Rotate the 16 encoders and define the repetition number.
  7. Push the navigation encoder to access the Track Menu.
  8. Scroll until the Play Mode option, and select Song.

(Now, if the track is in Edit Song Mode, the stage LED:

  • will be blue when that slot has a repetition bigger than zero;
  • will be red only on the current playing slot;
  • will be cyan on the stages that are playing on that pattern.)